The Most Memorable Meal On My Trip To Connecticut

One of the perks of being alive is delicious food.

After graduating high school, what remains of your friendship with close people there, are wedding invitations you get a few years later. While I was at work a couple months ago, I received a notification from the post office that they had a letter for me. When I got home, a letter was waiting for me on the table. I opened it and was pleasantly surprised. One of my old friends is getting married in Stamford Connecticut and he invited me to his wedding.

‘We have not seen each other in a while. Please, come to my wedding, there will be good music and food. I am looking forward to see you’, he said. I could not tell him no, so I accepted the invitation. I am not the type of person who loves weddings and ceremonies but he is still a great friend of mine. The day came, I chose a gift, put on my best clothes, and headed for the wedding. There were several bridesmaids at the entrance, and behind them was a huge table full of tiny canapés and sweets. The food was smelling so good but I did not get a chance to try it at the beginning of the wedding.

catering for wedding

The ceremony started but my stomach was empty and I wanted to sneak in and try some food. That was extremely unusual of me because I am not a big eater. You will never catch me eating while I am at celebrations or events. Looking around the room, I saw a banner in one corner of it. ‘Catering Stamford Connecticut’ was written there ( They were probably a catering company that made food at the entrance. Toasts were held after the wedding, and then dinner finally began.

I have had a few drinks before but could not wait to eat. By the way, I am not an easy-to-impress person at all, but the food was incredibly delicious. I do not remember when was the last time I ate such well-prepared and exceptional food. The groceries were fresh and the decoration was innovative and interesting. You could easily taste and see that people who were preparing it paid attention to every detail. They did their best to get every ingredient in its perfect condition. Each type of food had a rich, juicy and unique taste and texture. It was totally worth the wait!

catering for wedding

I wanted to know more about the food so I asked my friend. I was right! The company that catered the food really was Catering Stamford Connecticut. A friend told me that he was delighted with their food and that he wanted his guests to try it too. I think it was an amazing decision of his. I noticed that other people liked it a lot too. Everyone asked who was preparing the food and a lot of them was asking for another plate.

I believe that from now on, I will have no dilemma where to order some good catering food when I crave or need it!

Controlling Waist Size While On The Road

When a person is traveling, it is entirely possible that things can go wrong. Loss of luggage, missed reservations and delayed flights. Unfortunately, all these things are out of the travelers’ control. However, there is one thing that a traveler has control over, and this is how one feels while traveling. One of the feelings is ones’ weight control, when traveling one has total control over his/her weight.

Traveling whether by flying or any other means can take a heavy toll on your body. This article formulates some of the easy ways one can stay healthy and energized while on the road.

We can’t stress how important it is to bring healthy snacks on the flight. Some foods provided on the plane will sabotage your health goals; thsnacks-that-dont-need-fridgeey will be high in sugar and salt and full of preservatives. It is good for you to prepare some snacks and carry them for the flight. Snacks such as bananas, apples, dried cranberries and air popped popcorn could make your traveling diet.

Carry nutritional supplementation; forskolin belly buster is a very good example of a nutrient dense nutritional supplements. Nutritional aids will help you burn fat fast and boost your metabolism. Forskolin belly buster is meant to boost metabolism and curb hunger and that will help when you’re tempted by worldly indulgences.

Prepare yourself, failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Traveling brings out the impulsiveness in us, and we want to get crazy and fun. But there is one area which needs high preparedness and that is our meals. One should plan out the day and have some snacks at hand. Sometimes one may end up lost, maybe having missed the last bus and you get back to the hostel without proper food nearby.

Research your travel locations. Understand the region you are traveling. Will you need to take hiking boots or walking shoes to be able to get outside and exercise. Also, don’t be afraid to let yourself be surprised by the explorationtraveling-water-bottles you see on the paths. Walking is not only healthy but also it helps you explore. You have traveled to explore so do it on foot. This will help you control your weight.

Hydration; when on the road, you are traveling, and you are walking a lot. Environmental, climate and time changes increases your risk for dehydration. It is advisable you carry water and a lot of it for that matter. Bring your travel approved size water bottle and fill it up at every filtered water station along your stops. Hydration is critical when consuming any form of control supplements like Forskolin belly buster or slimming agent.

Mindset and planning are the key ingredients that will allow you stay trim while on vacation. You don’t have to deprive yourself, but you do have to be smart while on the road!